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The Valmont Family

Over more than a century ago, Valmont grew into an international leader in designing, producing and servicing engineered support structures, mechanized irrigation equipment, utility structures, coatings and tubing.

Engineered Support Structures

Guiding your way. Lighting your path. Keeping you safe. Valmont is a leading supplier of outdoor lighting and traffic control structures, highway safety systems, wireless communication structures and components, offshore oil & gas equipment, and steel structures for construction of buildings.  Find jobs>>


Conserving water. Improving lives. Feeding the world. Valmont leads the center pivot and linear irrigation industry by providing the most reliable precision irrigation equipment and technology advancements and services for agriculture. The Valley brand provides global solutions for conserving water and meeting the growing demand for food.  Find jobs>>


Delivering day after day. Changing lives. Shaping the world. Valmont manufactures a wide range of tubular steel products in a variety of shapes and sizes. Find jobs>>

Utility Support Structures

Delivering energy. Electrifying the world. Bringing cities to life. Valmont manufactures poles and structures to transport and distribute electricity. To help meet the needs of public and private utility companies, we offer a comprehensive series of steel and concrete utility structures and engineering services. Products include transmission and distribution poles, and substation structures.  Find jobs>>


Extending product life. Protecting quality. Providing the finishing touch. To enhance the longevity and quality of products, Valmont has an array of standard and custom anti-corrosion coatings. Galvanizing, anodizing, powder coating, and integrated graphics are but a few of our specialized coatings capabilities.  Find jobs>>

Energy and Mining

Our metallurgists turn steel into specialised grinding media and fasteners. These products don’t simply reduce the particle size of rock, they maximise the long term processing efficiency of any given grinding circuit, minimise mill down-time and contribute to mine profitability.  Find jobs >>


Valmont operates manufacturing and sales facilities in more than 25 countries. By sharing manufacturing and engineering practices across our global network, we can better leverage our existing products, markets and processes. In this global footprint we strive to fulfill the world’s ever-changing needs while participating in local economies.

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