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There is no shortage of opportunity at Valmont. Our success hinges on the hard work of employees with different passions, disciplines and skills sets. Find your perfect fit at Valmont.


Our drafters and engineers are catalysts. They are the sparks that fuel the flame of innovation and design products that change the world. When our customers need solutions, this team provides it. Valmont is always looking for dynamic, driven people to join our drafting and engineering teams. 

Finance/ Accounting

From budget forecasting to tax compliance, our finance and accounting employees keep our mission on track. With an international presence, Valmont requires a legion of smart, detail-oriented accountants and financial experts. If you like making smart decisions that are the difference between profit and loss, this team is for you.  

Information Technology

Keeping an international company connected is a major undertaking. Valmont needs to be agile; able to adopt and implement the latest information technology to maximize efficiency. We’re seeking innovation experts who want to connect the globe.  


In order to better lives around the globe, our manufacturing facilities must have what they need at all times. Downtime is not an option. We demand seamless processes and flawless results. From raw materials to safe workspaces, our operations team keeps Valmont’s heart pumping day-after-day.


Changing the world isn’t all sparks and steel. Valmont needs an impressive team behind the scenes as well. Our professional staff helps Valmont build customer relationships and fulfill our responsibilities as a responsible, caring employer.  


Hard-working. Passionate. Tireless. These are just some of the qualities our production employees exhibit on a daily basis. This team is made up of doers who respect and embrace the value of a good day’s work. These are the hands that change the world.  

Skilled Trades

Welders, technicians and machinists of all types are a part of the Valmont family. Their precision and ability is what puts our products over the top. For us, these talented individuals lend their steady hands to the hard work of improving lives around the globe.


From Valmont to the world, that’s the responsibility of our sales and marketing staff. These motivated individuals build the brand while gaining customers and driving demand throughout Valmont’s international footprint.  

Build with us. 

If you like what you see, join the team. We’re always looking for people who want to change lives. With Valmont, you can build the world while you build your world.

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