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Meet Mark

“What I like most about working for Valmont is that the company cares for its employees. We always try to improve our work and never settle.  My work makes a difference every day.”

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Meet Baron

Baron is an Electrical Assembler for Valmont. He is part of a team made up of doers who respect and embrace the value of a good day’s work. Every day Baron and his team make the world a better place because of hard-work, passion and tireless dedication to a job well done.

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Meet Paula

Paula is a Design Drafter for Valmont and part of the team that delivers solutions to our customers every day. 

“I like that I can gather information, sort it, and satisfy my customers by making sure they are getting what they asked for.”

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"I wake up every morning energized and eager to work knowing there are new challenges ahead. At the end of the day I feel a great sense of satisfaction for contributing."